Sunday, January 23, 2011

Android: Rebind camera button to a menu with Tasker

I got an HTC Desire Z last month and I'm loving it. It's replacing my computer more and more. You can read my page of notes I've collected on it here.

I've got Cyanogenmod running and my one complaint is that the camera button only launches the Camera app and there is no way to rebind it.

Or is there? I have the excellent Tasker app and figured out how to get it to pop a menu when the button is pressed! Here's how:

1. Create a new Profile in Tasker (mine is called Camera)
2. Select Event: Hardware: Camera Button as first context and tick Stop Event. This will stop the system
from launching the Camera app at the same time.
3. Create a new task and under its properties, change the task type from Execute to Menu.
4. Add new actions for each app you want to launch (I have camera, barcode scanner and torch)
5. Apply and enable the profile.

That's it! Enjoy :)

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